Umbraco Upgrade

Upgrade Your Umbraco Site, Reignite Your Digital Presence: Dyfort's Canadian Expertise

Is your Canadian Umbraco site running one of the below versions and stuck in the 2000s? Umbraco 7, Umbraco 8 or even Umbraco 6 or Umbraco 4 These older versions are probably insecure, feature poor, and hurting your search engine rankings.


Don’t worry, Dyfort, a Umbraco agency in Canada can help. We are experienced Umbraco upgrade experts who are excited to help Canadian businesses reach their online potential through upgrading to Umbraco 13. We will examine your existing website stack, whether it is version 6, 7, 8 or 4 of Umbraco and prepare a tailored upgrade plan that helps minimize downtime for your users while moving your Umbraco site to a sharp and secure future with Umbraco 13.

Moving to Umbraco 13 will unlock the amazing features that you, as a business owner in Canada, need for your company to stay competitive. Umbraco 13 has many new security features that will protect your website in an age where new cyber threats are constantly discovered. Plus, your site will perform much faster, and your Canadian visitors will experience site-loading speeds like never before.

Umbraco 13 also has many new features that will help you create a more dynamic and engaging website that actually converts. Need help? We are Umbraco experts.

Let Dyfort take charge of the overhaul by starting your Umbraco 13 upgrade journey. Arrange a free consultation to see the true potential of your Umbraco CMS with an Umbraco training from Dyfort. We will handle your Umbraco upgrade process from start to finish; we’ll take your heritage Umbraco version – either 7, 8 or 4 – where it should be; into the future.

Contact us today for a free consultation and unlock the true potential of your Umbraco CMS