Umbraco IndexNow

This plugin enables automated submission of URLs from your Umbraco site to multiple search engines, without needing to register and verify your site with them. Once installed, the plugin will automatically generate and host the API key on your site. It detects content creation, update, and deletion within Umbraco and automatically submits the URLs to search engines in the background. This ensures search engines always have the latest information about your website.

Install-Package Dyfort.Umbraco.IndexNow -Version 1.0.0

Settings and defaults

"IndexNow": {
    "ApiKey": "",
    "KeyLocation": "",
    "FireOnPublish": true,
    "FireOnDelete": true,
    "PublicDomain": ""

Get Your API Key:

Visit the IndexNow website and follow their instructions to generate an API key. This key helps verify your ownership of the domain you'll be submitting URLs for.

Host Your API Key:

Save your API key in a plain text file encoded in UTF-8. You can name this file anything (e.g., key.txt). Place this file in the root directory of your website. This means it should be accessible at the same web address as your homepage (e.g.,

Configure Umbraco with appsettings.json:

Locate the appsettings.json file in your Umbraco project. Add the following configuration section to the file: JSON

"IndexNow": {
  "ApiKey": "",  // Replace with your actual API key
  "KeyLocation": "",  // Update if your filename is different
  "FireOnPublish": true,  // Enables submitting URLs on publishing content
  "FireOnDelete": true,  // Enables submitting URLs on deleting content
  "PublicDomain": "" // Replace with your website URL