Automated Url Submission to Bing

This package enables automated submission of URLs from Umbraco sites to the Bing index. Once installed and configured with an API key obtained from Bing Webmaster portal, the package detects page creation/update in Umbraco and automatically submits the URL behind the scenes ensuring that the site pages are always fresh in the Bing index.

  1. Install Package to your project
        PM> Install-Package Dyfort.Umbraco.BingIndexing
  2. Create API key in
  3. Add configuration to application.json, set ApiKey from step 2 and PublicDomain your website domain like
     "BingIndexing": {
        "ApiKey": "",
        "PublicDomain": "",
        "FireOnPublish" : true,
        "FireOnDelete" : true

Enhance Your Umbraco Site's Visibility with Automated Bing URL Submission

In today's competitive online landscape, ensuring your website's content gets indexed by major search engines is crucial for driving organic traffic. The Bing Webmaster Tools platform offers valuable features to help website owners optimize their presence on Bing, a powerful search engine used by millions of users worldwide.

This Umbraco package streamlines the process of submitting your website's URLs to Bing, saving you time and effort. Once installed and configured with your Bing Webmaster Tools API key, the package seamlessly integrates with Umbraco's content management system. Whenever you create a new page, update existing content, or modify URLs within your Umbraco site, the package automatically submits these changes to Bing in the background.

This automation provides several key benefits:

  • Improved Search Engine Visibility: By ensuring Bing is aware of your latest content updates, you increase the likelihood of your webpages appearing in relevant search results. This can significantly boost your website's organic traffic and attract new visitors who are actively searching for information related to your offerings.
  • Fresher Search Engine Index: Search engines prioritize websites with frequently updated content. Automatic URL submission keeps Bing's index of your website current, signaling to the search engine that your site is active and offers valuable, up-to-date information. This can potentially improve your website's ranking in Bing search results.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Manual URL submission can be a time-consuming task, especially for websites with frequently changing content. This package eliminates the need for manual submissions, freeing you to focus on creating high-quality content and managing other aspects of your website.

With this Umbraco package, you can streamline your SEO workflow and ensure your website stays visible on Bing. This can lead to increased organic traffic, improved brand awareness, and ultimately, drive more qualified leads and conversions for your business.