Custom Development

Dyfort is a well-experienced company that specializes in software development, personally customized supporting systems, and current and advanced development technologies. Dyfort provides software application solutions to varied sectors of the market.

Development projects include planning and implementation of many types of systems: characterization and UI design for mobile, desktop, web, and proof of concept testing demos. In order to measure business preparedness or ahead of recruiting investors, user layer development in a web environment includes quality assurance and Information security.

Agile Software Development is usually based on an approach that allows efficient and rapid development. In this approach, we divide the project into sprint stages and define each stage including characterization, design, programming, and system inspections.

In project management, an emphasis is put on the information flow between the project partners, schedule and resources planning for each stage, project progress supervision, customer participation in internal and external status meetings, recognition and risk analysis, and specialist inclusion appropriately in order to meet project requirements in the highest standards.

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